Where does Diamond Spawn in Blox Fruits? Diamond Location

Where does Diamond Spawn in Blox Fruits? Diamond Location

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Blox Fruits is my favorite bandit-beater experience on Roblox. It is inspired from One Piece, and involves players sailing across seas, fighting bosses and their sidekicks, while wielding a variety of swords, devil fruits, and combat styles. Due to the lack of an in-game map, exploring regions can be wonderfully entertaining. However, at times this can also lead to cases where you cannot find the objective you are looking for. The same is no exception for the Diamond boss, who you encounter in the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea. In this guide, I’ll tell you where you can find the Diamond boss in Blox Fruits.

Where to find Diamond Boss in Blox Fruits

Diamond is a boss enemy you encounter in the first region of the Second Sea, the Kingdom of Rose. Players can pick up the quest to defeat Diamond from the Area 1 Quest Giver in Kingdom of Rose after they reach level 750. To find him easily, simply stand in front of the Quest Giver, and then head northeast toward the circular plateau filled with flowers. This area is known as Flower Hill, and can be distinguished by the bed of sunflowers in it, and a singular tree which stands in the middle.

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The Diamond boss spawns in this area every 30 minutes after being defeated. If you cannot find Diamond in their spawn location, consider switching to another server. Furthermore, using a Blox Fruit that allows you to fly, like Chop, Light, Falcon, Smoke, Shadow, or Gravity will allow you to get an aerial view of the area, thus helping you find the Flower Hill easily.

How to defeat the Diamond Boss in Blox Fruits

The Diamond boss has a total HP of 43,750, uses a Longsword, and deals additional ranged attacks that deal around 700-800 damage. I found that the easiest method to defeat Diamond is to simply keep a safe distance, and use ranged attacks to deal damage. Defeating Diamond with an active quest grants players 12,500,000 XP, and 25,000 Beli. Upon defeat, they have a 10% chance to drop the Longsword.

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