What does the Adept trait offer in Anime Adventures - Roblox

What does the Adept trait offer in Anime Adventures – Roblox

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Anime Adventures features tons of characters and units you can deploy to protect your base. While Legendary, Mythic, and Secret units are inarguably the best units in the game, it is not always the unit’s rarity that determines its usefulness. This is where Traits come into the play. Traits are modifiers that boost certain stats, and they come pre-equipped on characters when you Summon them. One such Trait is known as Adept. The following is a guide explaining how the Adept trait works in Anime Adventures.

What does the Adept trait do in Anime Adventures?

The Adept trait works as a levelling modifier in Anime Adventures. Units or characters that have the Adept trait equipped gain 50% more XP than other characters. Although this trait is not as powerful as the Celestial trait, or as useful as Golden, it is a good trait to have on characters that you wish to level up quickly.

The Adept trait can be useful on any character, as all it does is increase the rate of XP the character gains. If a character you summon comes equipped with the Adept trait, the best course of action would be to level them up to 100 before re-rolling for other traits. Once you reach max level on a unit with the Adept trait, consider re-rolling for other traits as the Adept trait will not be of much use afterward.

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How to get the Adept trait in Anime Adventures

Like every other Trait in Anime Adventures, the Adept trait has a small chance of coming pre-equipped on a character when you summon them. Alternatively, you can use the re-roll traits function to get a certain trait you want. To do so, you must interact with the NPC Wis who can be found standing right outside the Evolve section in the lobby. Traits are re-rolled using two types of in-game currency: Star Remnants and Re-roll Tokens.

Keep in mind that re-rolling does not guarantee a specific trait, so you may need to use multiple Star Remnants or Re-roll Tokens to get the trait you desire. I suggest rolling for the Adept trait only if it’s on a unit you wish to level up quickly.

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