Shattered Psycho Online (SPO) Abilities Tier List - Roblox

Shattered Psycho Online (SPO) Abilities Tier List – Roblox

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The power of abilities is crucial to defeating enemies in Shattered Psycho Online. You’d want to choose wisely because you’ll need spins (and luck!) to get some of the most powerful skills. Don’t repeat my mistake of skipping some good ones in the hope you’ll nab the ideal option. Here’s my Shattered Psycho Online (SPO) abilities tier list so you know which one to look for.

Best SPO Abilities Tier List – Roblox

Tier Psychic Ability
S Blizzard (Cryokinesis), Cruel Sun (Pyrokinesis), Fury (Dark Esper), Meteor (Gravity), Noir Missile (Dark Esper)
A Asteroid Belt (Ester), Bolides (Ester), Disburse (Ethereal Bodies), Ferocious Dragon (Pyrokinesis), Godspeed (Electrokinesis), Gravity Crush (Gravity), Murky Trap (Dark Esper)
B After Image (Teleportation), Afterburner (Pyrokinesis), Asteroid (Esper), Compression Blast (Shockwave), Dark Hole (Dark Esper), Embers (Pyrokinesis), Firestorm (Pyrokinesis), Fist Hardening (Qigong Hardening), Fumikami! (Qigong Hardening), Gravity Shift (Gravity), Ice Slide (Cryokinesis), Ice Stomp (Cryokinesis), Moon Jump (Esper), Murky Missiles (Dark Esper), Static Storm (Electrokinesis), Substitution (Ethereal Bodies), Super Helix Convolution (Telekinetic Helix), Whirlwind (Electrokinesis)
C Air Blast (Shockwave), Anti Spiral (Telekinetic Helix), Blitz (Electrokinesis), Can’t Touch Me! (TeleportatioCan’tumulonimbus (Electrokinesis), Gravity Float (Gravity), Gravity Grasp (Gravity), Ground Blast (Shockwave), Hardening (Qigong Hardening), Ice Spark (Cryokinesis), Ice Spike (Cryokinesis), Ignition (Pyrokinesis), Mask Projection (Ethereal Bodies), Murky Flight (Dark Esper), My Turn! (Teleportation), Propulsion (Shockwave), Shock Coil (Telekinetic Helix)
D Helix Formation (Telekinetic Helix), Helix Plunge (Telekinetic Helix), Moon Missile (Esper), Over Here! (Teleportation), Projection (Ethereal Bodies), Static Strike (Electrokinesis), Stay Here! (Teleportation), Takedown (Qigong Hardening), Target (Ethereal Bodies)

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Best Ranked Abilities in Shattered Psycho Online (SPO) Roblox

S Tier SPO Psychic Abilities

Meteor (Gravity)

Coming from Gravity, you can throw a colossal meteor at unsuspecting enemies, dealing huge area-of-effect (AoE) damage. This is one of my favorite abilities as it can take out many enemies at once, and enemies find it hard to avoid.

Noir Missile (Dark Esper)

Noir Missile is a pure energy beam of destruction available to you if you choose Dark Esper. It appears in front of you and deals AoE damage to unsuspecting opponents. It may not be as spectacular as Meteor, but it sure is deadly.

A Tier SPO Abilities

Firestorm (Pyrokinesis)

Burn everything using Firestorm, a Pyrokinesis skill that creates an AoE fire blizzard around you. This way, you’ll incinerate all opponents near you. If you like fire abilities, learn more about them via Roblox SPO Trello.

Ice Stomp (Cryokinesis)

Ice Stomp skill from Cryokinesis lets you stomp the ground and create a giant ice wall with spikes that deal damage and freeze opponents.

B Tier SPO Abilities

Mask Projection (Ethereal Bodies)

Create a clone of your enemy with the Mask Projection ability in Shattered Psycho Online that runs into its original and explodes on impact.

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Murky Flight (Dark Esper)

Thanks to dark energy, you can fly Superman-style around the map. While not exactly deadly, Murky Flight is one of the more entertaining abilities in Shattered Psycho Online.

C Tier Shattered Psycho Online Abilities

Ground Blast (Shockwave)

Ground Blast is a Shockwave ability that allows you to hit the ground and damage enemies. It’s not exactly a game-changer, but it deals solid AoE damage.

Shock Coil (Telekinetic Helix)

Shock Coil is a Telekinetic Helix ability that knocks down enemies around you, stunning them in the process. It is ranked lower than other skills of the same level because it lacks in the damage department.

D Tier SPO Abilities

Moon Missile (Esper)

Moon Missile is an Esper ability that sends a missile at a single enemy. It’s one of the basic ranged attacks but is reasonably useful because of its range.

Static Strike (Electrokinesis)

Static Strike is an Eletrokinesis skill that shoots a bolt of electricity at enemies. Its range is not great, but it also pushes the enemy away from you, which is a nice bonus.

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