Roblox Twitter – find out when game is back online INSTANTLY with this trick

Roblox Twitter – find out when game is back online INSTANTLY with this trick

ROBLOX is down and millions of players have been turfed out of the game – but you can find out when it’s back online instantly.

Roblox went down The game went down shortly after Chipotle announced its in-game promo for free real life burritos.


Roblox went down shortly after Chipotle’s online promo beganCredit: Chipotle

While we don’t have a solid reason behind how all this happened, the Roblox status page says an investigation is under way.

The Roblox shutdown has been made even more frustrating given that the official Twitter account hasn’t acknowledged the outage.

So if you want instant updates on what’s going on and when Roblox is back, it’s not necessarily the best place to check.

By all means follow the account, but your best bet to instantly find out when Roblox is back online is to be found elsewhere.

You can monitor the situation on the status page but we suggest you follow the unofficial Roblox Status Twitter account.

The account has been keeping fans updated throughout this situation, and is the best place for an up-to-the-minute account of what’s going on.

Turn on notifications and you can go about your day while the account does all the watching and stressing for you.

It’s also been putting out polls to find out how many followers are struggling to connect to the game for even more insight.

The account is doing such a good job that its follower count skyrocketed from 4k to 12k over the course of 10 hours during the Roblox outage.

Whoever runs it is doing a great job, so give them a follow and do yourself a favour in the process.

You can also bookmark our Roblox live blog for more information on the when the game is back online.

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