Pet Simulator X Yeet a Pet Update and Event, Explained

Pet Simulator X Yeet a Pet Update and Event, Explained

Another two weeks have come and gone, which means it’s time for another Pet Simulator X update! On July 22, 2023, Pet Simulator X released its Yeet a Pet update, which saw the addition of a whopping 19 new standard pets, five new Huge pets, five new eggs/presents, and an entirely new, limited-time-only event world—Yeet World. Continue reading below for a quick look at everything added with this update, and everything you need to know about how it works.

What is Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X?

Yeet a Pet is a two-week-long, spin-off event taking place in Pet Simulator X between July 22, 2023, and August 5, 2023. While this event is active, players can visit and explore Yeet World, a space-themed world that contains a new Yeet a Pet minigame, which tasks players with rounding up their rarest pets to “yeet,” or throw, them as far as they can to earn special Yeet Coins. These Yeet Coins can then be used to buy Yeet World eggs, which contain limited-edition Yeet World pets. When the Yeet a Pet event ends, Yeet World will be removed from the experience, along with the Yeet a Pet minigame, eggs, and pets.

Where is Yeet World in Pet Simulator X?

Yeet World can be accessed via the large rocket ship in the Shop area of Spawn World. Walking up to this rocket and pressing E will automatically take the player to Yeet World.

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How to play Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X

As mentioned above, Yeet World includes a limited-time-only minigame that challenges players to throw their beloved pets as far as they can along a numbered platform. To participate in this minigame, simply approach the area pictured below and, when standing in the striped area, click your left mouse button.

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Doing so will cause your character to throw one of your equipped pets forward, sending it flying along the multicolored platform in front of you. When the pet lands, you’ll be given a measurement of how far your pet was able to travel, and the total amount of Yeet Coins you earned for the throw. As expected, the farther you throw your pets, the more Yeet Coins you’ll earn, and the rarer the pet you throw is, the farther it will travel.

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What can I buy with Yeet Coins?

Yeet Coins are used to purchase Yeet World eggs, which contain the following pets:

  • Jetpack Egg
    • Price:
    • Pets:
      • Spring Axolotl – 84% chance
      • Hot Air Balloon Dog – 12% chance
      • Crash Dummy Noob – 2.2% chance
      • Plane Dragon – 2% chance
  • Fireball Egg
    • Price:
    • Pets:
      • Parachute Monkey – 96% chance
      • Rocket Shark – 4% chance
      • Stunt Cat – 0.13% chance
      • Wild Frost Agony – ??% chance
  • Wild Egg
    • Price:
    • Pets:
      • Jetpack Tiger – 100% hatch chance
      • Stunt Corgi – 0.32% chance
      • Wild Fire Agony – ??% chance
      • Fireball Cat – ??% chance
      • Toilet Cat – ??% chance
      • Huge Wild Fire Agony – ??% chance

What do the orbs do in Yeet World in Pet Simulator X?

Scattered throughout Yeet World are various colorful orbs; these orbs, when collected, give the player a temporary power/strength boost, and add to their overarching stash of orb currency. When a Yeet a Pet round ends, the throw area will close and a short 30 second countdown will begin. During this cool down period, run around and collect as many of these orbs as you can—the more orbs you collect, the more power/strength you’ll have for the next round, which means the farther you’ll be able to yeet your pets.

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Keep in mind, however, that any extra strength you earn from collecting orbs is only temporary, and will disappear each time a round ends—meaning you’ll need to repeat the process of collecting orbs, throwing your pets for coins, and then, when the round ends, collecting orbs again to raise your strength level above its set base.

How to increase base strength in Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X

Your base strength in Yeet a Pet is determined by what pets you have equipped, and can be found in the top-right corner if your screen. The only way to increase, or decrease, your base strength is by adding or removing equipped pets and replacing them with better, or worse, ones. As mentioned above, the rarer or “better” the pets you have equipped, the higher your base strength will be; the less rare or “worse” pets you have equipped, the lower your strength will be.

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Similar to playing in Hardcore Mode, where pets that are specially marked with the HC (hardcore) stamp perform better than those that aren’t, pets that are hatched from any of the Yeet World eggs perform better in the Yeet a Pet minigame, and will increase your base strength more than other outside pets when made rarer, ie., Gold, Rainbow, or Dark Matter.

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What do upgrades do in Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X?

The upgrade machine in Yeet World is used to increase various elements of the Yeet a Pet gameplay. The orb currency you earn as you collect orbs around the map is spent here, and prices increase each time you purchase an upgrade.

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There are five abilities available to upgrade at the Yeet a World upgrade machine, with each ability having 10 levels within it. The more you upgrade these abilities, the more strength you’ll earn from collection orbs, and the more orbs you’ll be able to collect in a shorter of time. You can also lower the prices of the Yeet Word eggs and increase the likelihood of hatching rarer pets by purchasing upgrades, and increase the chance of receiving “critical yeets” when playing Yeet a Pet, which simply means your pets will be thrown farther.

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What is an Orb Storm in Yeet World in Pet Simulator X?

An Orb Storm happens every time a player’s server collects 10,000 orb currency, and causes orbs to spawn much faster and in much higher amounts for two minutes. When an Orb Storm ends, the counter will be reset to zero and the orbs will begin spawning at the regular speed.

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That’s all there is to know about the Yeet a Pet update in Pet Simulator X! If you have any other questions about this event, or feel as though something important was left out of this guide, please let me know in the comments below.

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