How to get Mermaid Scales in Anime Adventures and what they're used for - Roblox

How to get Mermaid Scales in Anime Adventures and what they’re used for – Roblox

Anime Adventures features tons of characters from popular animes. I love evolving my units to achieve their full potential, but the process can be very grindy and tedious. Some characters require certain items to evolve, and these are sometimes hard to come by. The Mermaid Scales are no exception. This begs the question—what are they used for? In this guide, I’ll explain how to obtain Mermaid Scales, and how to use them in Anime Adventures.

How to obtain Mermaid Scales in Anime Adventure

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Mermaid Scales are a very rare item in Anime Adventures that can only be obtained by two means: crafting, or purchasing from the Travelling Merchant. To craft Mermaid Scales, players will require the following items:

  • 1x Star Fruit (Rainbow)
  • 2x Star Fruit (Red)
  • 2x Star Fruit (Green)
  • 3x Star Fruit (Blue)
  • 6x Star Fruit
  • 2350 Gold

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Once you have all these items, head to the Evolve section in the lobby and speak to an NPC named Beeruh. Then, click on Crafting, and then select Mermaid Scales from the Evolution Items menu to add the required items and craft them. Alternatively, you can purchase Mermaid Scales from the Travelling Merchant in exchange for 1850 Gems.

What are Mermaid Scales used for in Anime Adventure?

Mermaid Scales are an Evolution Item that is required to evolve Noel to Noel (Valkyrie Armor). Noel is a Mythic tier unit, and can only be obtained through Summons. However, Mermaid Scales are not the only items required. To evolve Noel into Noel (Valkyrie Armor), players will need the following items:

  • 3x Mermaid Scales – Obtained through crafting, or from the Travelling Merchant.
  • 40x Magic Stone – Obtained by completing Clover Kingdom acts, and Gold Shop.
  • 15x Enchanted Magic Stone – Can be obtained by completing Act 1 of Clover Kingdom Legend Stage.
  • 15x Cursed Magic Stone – Can be obtained by completing Act 2 of Clover Kingdom Legend Stage.

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