How to get and use Soul Ticket in Type Soul - Roblox

How to get and use Soul Ticket in Type Soul – Roblox

Type Soul is a fighting game on Roblox inspired from the popular manga series Bleach. As in the manga, players in this game get to choose to between three races: Soul Reaper, Hollow, and Quincy. In my first playthrough, I accidentally became a Hollow and got trapped in the arid lands of Hueco Mundo. It was here that I realized that changing your race is easier said than done. The only way to change your race in Type Soul is through a high-rarity item known as the Soul Ticket. The following is a guide on how you can obtain and use a Soul Ticket in Type Soul.

How to obtain a Soul Ticket in Type Soul

Soul Tickets are mythic grade items that are extremely hard to come by. The only way to obtain a Soul Ticket in Type Soul is by defeating the bosses Bawabawa, and Jidanbo. Bawabawa is a boss who is found in Hueco Mundo, otherwise known as the world between the Human world and Soul Society. Jidanbo can be found near the Leave Division NPC in Soul Society. Both of these bosses spawn every 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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It must be noted that the Soul Ticket is a mythic item, and has a very low drop chance after defeating Bawabawa, or Jidanbo. Therefore, you might need to best these bosses in battle multiple times before getting one. Alternatively, players may also stand a small chance to obtain a Soul Ticket from completing Raids in Karakura Town, or by simply purchasing it from the in-game shop for 500 Robux. You can also redeem Type Soul Codes to get free Soul Tickets!

How to use a Soul Ticket in Type Soul

Using a Soul Ticket is far easier than obtaining it. Once you have collected a Soul Ticket, open your Inventory by pressing N. Then, select the Soul Ticket and use it to reset your Race completely.

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