Best Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Best Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List

Fruit Battlegrounds is one of the latest Roblox games based on the popular anime and manga series One Piece. While the potential of each devil fruit is known to fans of the series, many new players like me always try to buy/unlock fruits that look fancy or attractive to them. As a result, I often ended up choosing something that had poor combat capability. So, for all those new players who are confused about the power scale of devil fruits. Here is a carefully crafted tier list with all the fruits.

Fruits Tier List for Fruit Battlegrounds

Note: The fruits within each tier are not arranged in any particular rank order.

Tier Fruits
S+ Light, Flame, String
S Gravity, Quake, Ice, Paw, Dough, Leopard, Ope
A Bomb, Gas, Magma, Magnet, TSRubber
B Dragon, Rubber, Barrier, Sand
C Smoke, Dark, Falcon
D Chop

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All Devil Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds, ranked

We ranked the Devil Fruits according to how well they perform and synergize with other abilities in the Fruit Battlegrounds. Like other One Piece games on the internet, Fruit Battleground’s combat and power system mainly revolve around the various devil fruits, which you can level up, making them more potent in battle. Therefore, choosing the proper Devil Fruit for your build is essential to your success in the game.

S+Tier Devil Fruits

  • Flame: The best fruit in the game with the best damage and range numbers. It can defeat every other user if used correctly.
  • Light: Light is the second-best fruit in the game. It could match Flame if it had better cooldown numbers.
  • String: String is a very powerful type of Devil Fruit that allows your character to stringify themselves, granting a set of very powerful and easy-to-use moves. Some are borderline overpowered, like Fullbright, which is inescapable once the target is tagged.

S-Tier Devil Fruits

  • Quake: Best fruit for aoe-style attacks with good damage numbers. A must-pick for long-range defensive players.
  • Gravity: Functions very similar to Quake and also possesses knockback capabilities.
  • Ice: One of the few fruits that can stun people. Extremely good for players who rely much on combo or chain moves.
  • Leopard: Consuming this fruit transforms you into a leopard hybrid. It has an excellent pure damage potential, making this fruit great for PvP use.
  • Ope: This Devil Fruit allows you to create a spherical forcefield to exert your influence upon yourself or other players caught in it. It is a fruit with some of the highest damage potential in the game but requires the highest skill to use as well.
  • Paw: This fruit is incredible for crowd control, generating waves that can repel enemies. It has a great range as well and a great damage output.
  • Dough: Conslepuming this fruit transforms your character into a dough-like state. It has great stunning capabilities as well as surprisingly high damage output.

A-Tier Devil Fruits

  • Bomb: A good fruit with nice damage and range numbers. Some of the abilities may feel slow due to the additional charge time before implementation.
  • Gas: As the name suggests, this fruit allows you to manipulate your state, making you gaseous at will. It gives you good area-of-effect and damage output, albeit at the cost of high stamina consumption.
  • Magma: A great fruit with damage numbers equalling fruits from S-tier but falls short in every other department.
  • Magnet: This fruit provides the power to manipulate metallic objects. Some abilities have a high stamina cost that you should watch out for, but powerful attacks and high damage output make up for it!
  • TSRubber: This fruit’s full name is Time Skip Rubber, representing a more powerful version of the standard rubber fruit. It works in a similar way, providing bigger damage output and lower cooldowns.

B-Tier Devil Fruits

  • Barrier: Decent fruit with a good range and damage numbers. It is highly suitable for defensive players who want to camp and attack based on the enemy’s mistake.
  • Dragon: This fruit allows you to enter a dragon form. It has a high damage output and potential, but some skills are unwieldy thanks to bad hitboxes.
  • Phoenix: This fruit allows its wielder to harness the power of the Phoenix, granting it several powerful abilities that can stun and chain combos easily.
  • Rubber: The best mid-tier fruit for combo attacks but lacks raw damage numbers compared to other fruits in the tier.
  • Sand: A good mix of melee and aoe-style abilities suitable in every range. The only negative is that it has a high cooldown time for most skills.

C-Tier Devil Fruits

  • Smoke: It has decent damage and cooldown numbers. It is not at all suitable for performing combo moves.
  • Dark: A great fruit for learning combo attacks at a beginner level but does not possess damage or range capabilities.
  • Falcon: This fruit allows you to transform into a falcon, which gives you great mobility. It’s very useful for grinding but can wear down your stamina fast if you’re not careful.
  • Venom: It’s a mediocre Devil Fruit considering how rare it is. It has an average performance and good enough damage input for PvP fights.

D-Tier Devil Fruits

  • Chop: Most of the skills are mediocre. Only effective in close-range combats.

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Best Devil Fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds

Best Overall Devil Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds


  • Flame is the best overall flame in the game due to abilities like Fire Fist and Beam that can deal damage from close, medium, and long range. Apart from its range capabilities, it also has the best overall damage numbers and cooldown time in the game, helping to take on any other fruit user without worry. We highly recommend going for the fruit if you are serious about your 1v1 battles.

Best Beginner Friendly Devil Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds


  • Gomu or Rubber is the best devil fruit for newbies due to its beginner-friendly abilities that mostly have auto locks/ auto aim features like Pistol or Gattling. It allows new players to concentrate more on strategy and defense than worrying about landing their shots. Also, skills like Rocket are excellent in dodging attacks and repositioning, which is vital for new players during the initial stage. Moreover, the fruit is easy to obtain during this stage as it only has a rarity of 16%.

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