Anime Adventures - Best Units

Anime Adventures – Best Units

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We’ve ranked all the top characters in the game, but if you’re still wondering what units you should be trying to collect, we have all the details for you below and what units we believe are currently the best of the best. I’m always looking for a character that can provide insane damage but can also be speedy enough to take down the enemies before they progress too far. These units below can provide all of the above and are some of the most well-known meta characters in the game, not only for their insane DPS but their supportive qualities as well. Take a look and try them out for yourself!

Best Units in Anime Adventures

Griffith (Ascension)

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Griffith Ascension has become one of the most OP characters with this update, not only because of his insane damage per second but also because of his passive buffs. Although he may seem to have low stats at first, you must sacrifice some units for him to become Reincarnated, buffing all your units 100%, depending on the stats of your sacrifice, and blasting away your enemies with a crazy full AOE; plus, they can be stacked.

Stain (Heroslayer)

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Stain is one of the best ground units with the new update, and this is mostly because of his Bloodcurdle ability. This ability allows him to boost his damage to every opponent that is bleeding, increase his crit, plus stun enemies for 2 seconds. This means 3x his usual damage, if not more, and a way to slow your enemies. Not to mention, his AOE grows more expansive with each upgrade.

Usoap (God)

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Usoap is a hybrid unit, which already gives him an advantage over a lot of other units in the game. This means he can hit units in the air and on the ground. He is also the highest DPS unit in the game currently, capable of 80K damage per second, and he can ignore yellow shields and pierce resistances. You won’t want to miss out on adding him to your team, especially for tournaments.

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Metal Knight (Arsenal)

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Metal Knight is a great unit to have because of his multi-hit and decent DPS. One of his best features is that he can place down drones after every 20 takedowns, which are capable of doing up to half of his total damage. This will allow you to take down more enemies at one time and is specifically useful for getting through shields.

Tango (God of Flashiness)

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Tango is considered to be one of the meta units, meaning he is one of the most effective units to have. His multi-hits are capable of dealing out plenty of damage at a time, but he gets the most powerful when upgraded to level 8 because he gains his Rose abilities. These abilities extend his multi-hit, hybrid attacks hitting high and low opponents and allowing for great AOE when attacking enemies. Plus, he is giving Usoap a run for his money with the amount of damage he can serve per second.

Homuru (Time Traveler)

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Homuru is another hybrid unit that is capable of hitting enemies in the sky or on the ground, but what makes her one of the best units is her Timestop ability, especially with the recent buff. She can slow down time, making units go slower while still hitting them at her normal DPS. This means she can get twice the amount of hits on the enemy before they can progress, plus send out powerful missiles to crash down into them.

Fuji (Admiral)

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Fuji is considered another meta unit to have in the game. Much like Metal Knight, he is one of the best hill units with his multi-hit abilities and high DPS. His abilities, the more he is upgraded, change to an AOE, which drops multiple meteors down on the enemies. Plus, you can place four of him at a time, meaning 4x of his abilities and damage.

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Oshy (Idol)

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Oshy may not be a damaging unit like the others on the list, but she is one of the best because of her supportive qualities. With each upgrade, she lowers the costs of upgrades to all other units and boosts their damage no matter where she is on the map. This means quicker, cheaper upgrades and better DPS for your whole team.

Luffo (Gear IV)

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Luffo is particularly strong because of his cheap upgrade cost. This means you can strengthen him quickly without wasting any time, plus place down four of him. At later upgrades, he becomes a hybrid, hitting ground and air units, and his attacks have quick cooldown time, so he can get out a nice whopping DPS. He is now also capable of doing Fire-type damage.

Guts (Berserk)

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Guts is one of the newest units to be added with the most recent update, and he instantly becomes one of the most OP ground units in the game. Not only does he become a hybrid at later upgrades, but his bleeding damage last for four ticks, capable of up to 25% of his damage. Plus, he can do full AOE attacks with up to 30K DPS. He is a strong-hitting character that is absolutely meta for your team.

These are just some of the units we believe to be the top ones in the game currently, but there are still plenty of others that could contend with them as strong units. Give these units a try for yourself, and let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!

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