All changes made with Adopt Me’s Safari Part 2 update – Roblox

All changes made with Adopt Me’s Safari Part 2 update – Roblox

The safari journey continues! On July 20, 2023, Adopt Me! released Part 2 of its Safari update, and while this update didn’t technically add any new pets to the experience, it did add a cool new feature that’s never been seen before in Adopt Me!—animal vehicles! For a quick look at all the changes added with this update, continue reading the brief guide below.

Adopt Me! Safari Part 2 (Cheetah Mount) Update Log

Though this week’s update may seem small, it’s actually a pretty big deal! For the first time ever, Adopt Me! players can use a mount to ride a pet like a vehicle. As this is just the introduction of this feature, only one animal vehicle is available at the moment, the Giant Cheetah Vehicle, which can be purchased for a limited-time-only in the Safari Zone for 900 Robux. An image of this vehicle in action can be found below.

Image via Roblox Adopt Me!

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It’s important to reiterate that the Giant Cheetah Vehicle is just that, a vehicle, not a pet, meaning it won’t have any needs and cannot be aged up, leveled up, or made neon. Also added with this update is the Safari House and Safari furniture collection, which can be seen below.

Image via Roblox Adopt Me!


That’s it for this quick guide on Part 2 of the Safari update in Adopt Me!. What do you think of the new animal vehicle feature? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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