Adopt Me Dolls: How to get Pinocchio, River the Nurse, & Dylan the Builder - Roblox

Adopt Me Dolls: How to get Pinocchio, River the Nurse, & Dylan the Builder – Roblox

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Growing up, creating scenarios and using my imagination with dolls was always one of my favorite ways to play, both alone and with others. Now, with the addition of Adopt Me!‘s Doll update, I can experience that love and excitement all over again! On July 27, 2023, Adopt Me! will be releasing its Doll update, which will add the ability for players to adopt and take care of three different dolls—Pinocchio, River, and Dylan—who each have their own wants, needs, and aesthetic. To learn more about each of these dolls, including how to obtain them, continue reading below.

How to get dolls in Adopt Me!

Unlike pets, the three dolls added to Adopt Me! will have only one possible rarity, will not be tradable, will not be able to age up, and will not be able to become neon. Each doll will be Uncommon rarity and will have the same “hatch” chance from the Wrapped Doll “egg” or “box.” Wrapped Dolls can be purchased from the NPC Anna, who’s located outside of the Nursery, for 900 Bucks.

Upon purchasing a Wrapped Doll, you’ll need to complete its needs and wants in order to unwrap it and reveal which doll you received. As mentioned above, there’s an equal chance to obtain each doll, meaning there’s a ~33% chance to obtain Pinocchio, a ~33% chance to obtain River the Doctor, and a ~33% chance to obtain Dylan the Builder. You can also purchase more than one doll, so long as you have enough Bucks!

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What do dolls do in Adopt Me!?

As stated in Adopt Me’s Weekly News video, the addition of dolls is meant to benefit those who enjoy the roleplaying part of Adopt Me!, and specifically those who prefer it to the more economical part of Adopt Me!, and who may feel left out when other players in their server are solely interested in trading and/or farming pets. The dolls are AI, similar to pets, and only exist to fulfill a player’s want for a simple, one-player-necessary role play.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to get dolls in Adopt Me!. When the Doll update is released, a full guide on everything it adds will be uploaded right here, so be sure to stick around!

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